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Better Org Charts Will Improve Government Agency Transparency and Accountability

Making sure that a meaningful org chart is available, precisely because it is a public statement about responsibility, might just be one of the simplest and most direct methods we have for promoting government program transparency and accountability.

How Closely do Traditional and Social Media Based Customer Support Services Need to be Coordinated?

In Five Challenges Government Faces When Adopting Web 2.0 I wrote about the need to consider the cost impact on the organization of hiring additional “community managers” to support the addition of social media and social networking to overall customer support operations:

How Involved Should Customers Be in Managing Their Own Technical Support?

Last week I wrote about my experiences when my main laptop computer died. The bright spot was that I learned about the value of remotely-sourced database access through my use of DabbleDB. The dark side: my experience with my computer vendor’s Gold service plan. Looking back, I can see advantages and disadvantages of using social media and social networking technologies as components in overall customer and technical support situations.