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I apply project management and research experience to help organizations change how they manage and develop data and IT resources. Application areas include digital strategy, open data, system development, change management, collaboration, application portfolio rationalization, and technology adoption. Currently I’m researching big data project management. Let me know if you would like to be included!




Forgive Me Father, I Don’t Use Facebook

  • “Some of my best friends use Facebook.”

Understanding the Challenges of Big Data Project Management: The Business Case

  • Developing a business case for a “big data” initiative involves both old and new challenges.

Big Data Project Management: What Works? (Slides)

Big Data Project Management Research Report #2: What’s In & What’s Out?

  • Some tips on defining project scope based on the type of project.

Big Data Project Management Research Report #1: Setting the Stage

  • What I have learned so far about what’s special — and not so special — about managing “big data” projects.

“Big Data Project Management” Interview Questions Set #1

  • I’m researching how people plan and manage data-intensive projects. I’m calling this my “big data project management survey.” I’ll publish the research results here.

You Need a Project Manager on Your Big Data Team

  • Includes the first three “action items” from the project manager’s perspective when faced with initiating a “big data” program.

Needed: Better Integration of Project Management and Data Management

  • These days when you read about big data or if you attend conferences or webinars you’re more likely to read about products and tools. You don’t hear as much about “back room” management issues you need to address to make sure all the members of the project team are sharing information and marching in the same direction.

Is Loss of Government Economic Survey Data Inevitable?

  • Are we in danger of losing the basic data we use to track economic progress?

The Commerce Data Advisory Council’s 2nd Meeting: Storytelling, Staff Recruiting, and Complex Processes

  • There’s an understanding represented by this group that the data resources being stewarded by Commerce programs both reflect and are critical inputs to U.S. technical and industrial competitiveness.

Ten Questions for People Who Manage Large Data Intensive Projects

  • I’m interviewing people to explore what makes such projects unique.

10 Basic Suggestions for Planning and Managing Data Intensive Projects

  • Experienced based ideas for where the rubber hits the project management road.

Problems and Opportunities with Big Data: a Project Management Perspective

  • Separating hype from reality — not an unusual requirement.

Managing Data-Intensive Programs and Projects: Selected Articles

  • A compendium of articles from this blog that address the special governance issues raised when planning and managing data-intensive government programs.