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"Big Data Project Management" Interview Questions Set #1

By Dennis D. McDonald

PURPOSE. I’m researching how people plan and manage data-intensive projects. I’m calling this my “big data project management survey.” I’ll publish the research results here. Let me know if you would like to participate or if you are interested in the results; my contact info is at the end of this article.

BACKGROUND. There has never been more interest in “big data” as evidenced by announced jobs, seminars, online publications, discussion groups, and national meetings devoted to topics like data analytics, data management platforms, new software tools, and data science.

Less attention is being paid to how people manage the special business and process change challenges involved in planning, managing, and governing data intensive project work.

As a consultant with a lot of data intensive project management experience I wonder about the reasons for this seeming mismatch. Based on the people I’m talking with, there does seem to be a general acknowledgement that project management skills are important to the success of big data projects and programs. One question is, what are these skills, and how can they be used to make “big data” projects more effective?

PROPOSED INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. As preparation for our interview please read my brief blog post “You Need a Project Manager on Your Big Data Team”

The following are suggested talking points for a 30-minute phone interview about “Big Data Project Management”:

  1. Briefly describe your own background or interest in managing data intensive projects.
  2. Do you think that too much attention is being paid to big data tools and not enough attention to big data project management? Discuss.
  3. Do you think that big data projects pose unique or special challenges to traditional approaches to project management? If so, what are they?
  4. What advice would you give to a project manager tasked with starting up a big data program in an organization that operates with a mix of legacy and newer cloud-based systems?


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You Need a Project Manager on Your Big Data Team

The firewalled article by Ian Thomas, The seven people you need on your Big Data team, is an entertaining and insightful overview of needed technical skills if you are tasked with developing a team that “… takes data from various sources … and turns it into valuable insights that can be shared broadly across the organization.”

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Needed: Better Integration of Project Management and Data Management

These days, still, when you read about big data or if you attend conferences or webinars you’re much more likely to read about products and tools. You don’t hear as much about “back room” management issues you need to address to make sure all the members of the project team are sharing information and marching in the same direction.

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Is Loss of Government Economic Survey Data Inevitable?

While it may be inevitable that all government data collection efforts have to tighten their belts, hopefully the process of making tough prioritization decisions will be done in light of rational factors such as the value of the data to users, the cost of collecting it, the availability of alternatives, and the manner in which data management processes are governed.

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The Commerce Data Advisory Council's 2nd Meeting: Storytelling, Staff Recruiting, and Complex Processes

There’s an understanding represented by this group that the data resources being stewarded by Commerce programs both reflect and are critical inputs to U.S. technical and industrial competitiveness. Hopefully this group will be able to facilitate an exchange of useful “lessons learned” and resources across the varied Commerce programs.

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Ten Questions for People Who Manage Large Data Intensive Projects

I’ve been researching how to manage projects where the goal is to make large amounts of data open, accessible, and useful.

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10 Basic Suggestions for Planning and Managing Data Intensive Projects

It is also impossible for the project manager to ignore how data management and data governance are handled in the organization as a whole. An individual project cannot be expected to change how the organization manages data overnight. Part of the project planning process must therefore include an assessment of the organization’s ongoing data management and governance practices and how they overlap with the goals of the individual project.

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Problems and Opportunities with Big Data: a Project Management Perspective

Being able to make wise investments in “big data” capabilities may require more collaborative approaches to project management and decisionmaking than are currently being practiced.

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Are you still distributing documents in .pdf format?

Are you still using .pdf documents as the only format for distributing your documents online? Here are some possible implications of such a strategy:

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