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Are Government Project Managers Ready for Another Government Shutdown?

As the specter of a shutdown of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) begins to loom large, my thoughts turn again to how such a shutdown will impact projects and project managers at DHS (other than the obvious impacts of increasing taxpayer costs and disrupting scheduled public services, of course).

The State of Government Data Transparency, 2013

What I found most interesting and useful about the Data Transparency 2013 conference held September 10 in Washington DC was the diversity. The ability of Hudson Hollister’s Data Transparency Coalition to bring together such a high-quality group of speakers and attendees representing so many different perspectives was quite an accomplishment.

Outline of a Sequestration & Project Management Research Program

I’ve been researching how the federal budget sequester is impacting federal projects and project managers. In “Mitigation of Sequestration Impacts on Project Management” I suggested that not all Federal programs are able to quickly assess and reconfigure ongoing projects in the face of sequestration-related uncertainties, so I’ve given some thought to …

More Thoughts on the Budget Sequester's Impact on Project Budgets

In A Project Manager’s Perspective on the Cost Impacts of the “Sequester” I suggested that an unintended consequence of the US government’s budget “Sequester” might be that some ongoing projects will end up costing more than originally planned because of the effect lengthening a project schedule can have on a project’s budget.