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Already, Five More Favorite Podcasts

By Dennis D. McDonald

Here we go again — the following list joins my previous two which are here and here:

  1. Australian War Memorial Podcasts. Current speeches and lectures relate to Australia’s involvement in World War II during the year 1942.
  2. Big Ideas Podcasts. Weekly lectures from Ontario’s TVO on a variety of serious topics, from history to science and literature.
  3. Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American. Weekly interviews, reports, reviews in all fields of science. Well produced.
  4. BBC History Magazine.  Audio version related to this publication. I just wish the podcast was done more frequently.
  5. Computing Science Podcast. Guest lectures by a wide range of computing experts at the University of Alberta. My favorite: the “checkers” (as in “artificial intelligence”) presentation.

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Dennis McDonald's Blog's Top Ten Posts of 2007

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