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On Managing Health Data Programs: Some Thoughts After the Health Datapalooza Conference

As an extension of my own research and consulting on big data project planning and management, I wanted to improve my understanding of how data governance and program management practices impact how medical and health data are used.

How Important Is ‘Total Cost of Standardization’ to the DATA Act?

Last week I attended a meeting in DC sponsored by the Data Transparency Coalition, PwC, and Intel. Representatives of the Federal agencies likely to manage implementation of the evolving DATA Act presented their thoughts on implementing the Act’s requirements for standardizing and reporting on Federal financial data.
It may be that the greatest challenge facing private entrepreneurs in developing new and valuable information products and services based at least partially on public data will be public resistance to paying for information, no matter how new, innovative, or unique these producrts or services are.
In Innovation Policy + Deficit Reduction = Politics As Usual? I described some of the policy debates concerning the appropriate role of the Federal government in promoting the types of innovation that can eventually simulate the U.S. economy and U.S. employment. There are many different practical, political, and philosophical issues involved in these debates that seem, to me, to boil down to basic and longstanding disagreements about the roles of the Federal government and the private sector.