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A Progress Report on Reading Electronic Books, Especially Kindle

I remember being a bit surprised at how easy it had been to “weed” the collection of harcover and paperback book we had built up over the years. Now I’m reading a book — a “real book” printed on paper — in amongst the books and various documents I’m also reading via my Kindle devices and software. Reading this physical book is a pleasure so I thought I would put some of my thoughts about the experience in writing.
According to Lindsay Lorenz of “The Good 5 Cent Cigar,” the student newspaper at the University of Rhode Island, university students are relying more on electronic research than ever before. One quoted statistic, based on data reported at the University of Rhode Island, is that students twenty years ago borrowed more than twice as many books as they did in 2007.
I’ve always been a frequent user of public libraries. In fact, I paid my high school and college tuition by working at the Bexley Public Library in Columbus, Ohio. We have a great public library system here in Alexandria Virginia. I’ve been using it steadily ever since my kids were little and we took them to weekly story hours at the Queen Street Branch.