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Three More Great Podcasts

By Dennis D. McDonald

To add to my previous lists, here are some more podcasts I’ve been listening to:

  1. DataPortability Project Podcasts. This web site is a source for many of the project’s podcasts, though it is also possible to subscribe through iTunes podcasts. Listening to the Steering Group discussions will make you realize the difficulties of focus and governance facing this project.
  2. KERA’s Think Podcast. From North Texas Public Radio, this daily program gives both Diane Rehm and Fresh Air some competition. It’s not as “inside the Beltway” as Rehm, nor is it as filled with fluff as Fresh Air; it’s a good variety of history, issues, politics, culture, and just general intelligent stuff, very well hosted.
  3. BBC Natural History Radio: World On The Move. This series on animal migration has to be heard to be believed. All types of species are covered — birds, turtles, toads, and butterflies, for example. Programs include recordings and vivid interviews at both source and destination locations.


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