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How I Keep Track of My Comments on Other Web Sites and Blogs

By Dennis D. McDonald

The page on this blog My Comments Elsewhere displays a list of links to bookmarks from my account I have tagged using the term “comments.” Recently Kathie Thomas, a member of the Linkedin Bloggers group on Yahoo! Groups that I co-moderate, asked how I generated this page. Here’s how.

The web address for this list of tagged bookmarks is here. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and you will see the symbol for the page’s  RSS feed. I used the address of the RSS feed from to generate code for a Grazr widget that I pasted into the HTML view of the My Comments Elsewhere page

When the “My Comments Elsewhere” page is loaded on a web browser, Grazr pulls in and displays the updated feed that contains the bookmarks I have tagged with the term “comments.” 

Convoluted? Yes, but it works. And I can include from my feed anything I have tagged with the term “comments,” regardless of source. 

  • Copyright (c) 2008 by Dennis D. McDonald

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