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Are You Using a Blog to Support Project Management?

By Dennis D. McDonald

I am looking for people to interview about their experiences and views on using a blog to support project management within a corporate or other organizational setting. I am particularly interested in learning about issues such as corporate acceptance or resistance, interaction with the IT department, the relationship of the blog to other project management and content management tools, and the types of outcomes that have been experienced (e.g., has using the blog had any impacts on project duration, staff involvement, or quality?)

If you are interested in particiapting, please email me at and let me know when I can contact you. Thanks!

- Dennis D. McDonald, Ph.D.

Topic Guide Outline for Project Blog Survey


Here are some sample questions: 

  1. Interviewee name, brief organization description, brief job description.
  2. Is interview confidential (yes/no).
  3. Email to send interview writeup to.
  4. Description of project(s) supported by blog (size, duration, business area, technology involvement, etc.)
  5. Blog architecture (software/vendor, inhouse vs remotely hosted).
  6. How blog is used to support the project.
  7. How blog relates to other project management tools.
  8. Role of IT (if any) in setting up or operating blog.
  9. What impacts has use of blog had on the project?
  10. What are differences between users and non-users?
  11. Do you view this use of the blog as a success? why/why not?
  12. Lessons learned/things to do differently next time.
  13. Any other comments or suggestions?

Interview  Notes


Click here to see selected notes from the interviews conducted so far.

Mindmap of Project Management Concepts


Here is an embedded view of a top level outline of major interview concepts; use your pointer to grab and move the graphic around:


Who Are You and Why Are You Calling Me That?

RSS Feeds: Results of a "Full" versus "Partial" Experiment