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Are You Dying to Join

By Dennis D. McDonald

There has been a flurry of blogosphere attention to which is sort of a morgue for dead MySpace members. It was inevitable this type of service would develop -- there are already web sites devoted to cemeteries -- so I'm a bit surprised at the attention it's getting; nobody lives forever.

But it does draw attention to some interesting observations:

  • Check out the banner ads. The one I saw was for probate services. Clever! (What would Google ads show? Something like "kill grasshoppers?")
  • A reminder to all social network software developers: be sure to implement a use case for the death (or at least the resignation) of a member. After three emails to Pownce, for example, I still can't figure out how to delete my account. (Not that I'm "dying" to get out of Pownce but maybe that's what it will take...)


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