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"Nude Vampire Pictures" Search

By Dennis D. McDonald

vamp.jpgThe most frequent visits to this blog come from various automated search “bots” that crawl the web indexing its pages for various search services.  Often, though, a human-initiated search brings someone here; perhaps that’s why you are reading this now.

A consistently popular search on Google and other search engines is “nude vampire pictures” that includes in its hit list this post and my review of Neil Gaiman’s “documentary” about nude female vampire painter John Bolton . (Volume-wise, I post most new items to my Managing Technology section, but this page and my movie reviews are visited quite often as well.)

So I apologize if you arrived here looking for pictures of nude female vampires. As a small consolation, please check out my movie reviews in the following categories:

Here are some other movie review categories:

If you’re interested in book reviews, you’ll find some listed here.

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