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By Dennis D. McDonald


The DVD edition of Spike Lee’s MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA continues the trend of only including extras (commentaries, documentaries, deleted scenes, etc.) on the more expensive BLU-RAY edition. I’m assuming the treason for this is to cajole people into switching over to BLU-RAY. In my case, it’s just one more reason not to buy any more DVD’s. Makes perfect sense, right?

With numbskull marketing decisions to punish customers like that, I now understand why so many folks have decided that BLU-RAY is a dead format on the way to reliable online streaming.

The Movie

Yes, the movie is bloated. Yes, it has extraneous scenes. Yes, it’s over-long (2.5 hours). Yes, it contains unnecessary plot points.

It’s also very worth seeing — if you can tolerate the graphic nature of some of the scenes of violence and cruelty. There’s enough creativity, truth, history, drama, and excitement here for three movies.

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Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch

Takeshi Yamazaki's RETURNER

Takeshi Yamazaki's RETURNER