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By Dennis D. McDonald

I really enjoyed this current film. And I still love the original. I’m living proof that these two reactions are not incompatible.

Why I liked it: Derrickson’s version has an interesting and clever story, there is some very arresting imagery, and overall it’s very well produced. Despite what you see from the previews on the web and on TV, the special effects do not overwhelm the story and the characters. Finally, Jennifer Connelly stars and I’ve been smitten with her since Dark City.

This new version may have gotten a bad rap, I think, because it’s fashionable these days to badmouth Keanu Reeves’ acting.

Actually, I like Reeves. I enjoyed Constantine immensely, I loved A Scanner Darkly, and there’s always The Matrix series to consider. I think he’s a perfect Klaatu, despite what Wikipedia says (I won’t link to Wikipedia here since I figure someone will change the currently cited opinion). Not everyone needs a commanding screen presence like, say, Arnold playing the Terminator!

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Danny Boyle’s SUNSHINE

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