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This Podcast Updates Our "Business and IT Working Together on Web 2.0" White Paper

Last January Jeremiah Owyang and I wrote a “white paper” titled Business and I.T. Must Work Together to Manage New “Web 2.0″ Tools. In this 20 minute podcast (available here) we discuss how our thinking has changed since then.

In January the term Web 2.0 was just coming into common use. In our paper we had identified 5 “challenges” Web 2.0 had to overcome to become accepted. We discuss each of these in our podcast:

  1. Chicken and Egg. Who should lead the evaluation and adoption of new tools?
  2. Ownership Policy. If tools such as blogs, podcasts and wikis are brought into the organization, who owns, controls, and manages them?
  3. Technology Trends and Fluid Information Flow. Can Web 2.0 technologies break down the boundaries that have existed between organizations and the customers and communities they serve?
  4. Employee Responsibility. Do companies need to re-evaluate their trust in how employees interact with customers through technologies such as blogs?
  5. Crisis Management. How can companies use technologies like blogs to respond to and manage crises?
  6. Influence vs. Control. Do Web 2.0 technologies increase or decrease the influence companies have with their customers?

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