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Squarespace Finally Adds a Site Search Feature

By Dennis D. McDonald

My web publishing service vendor Squarespace has finally added a site search feature as a standard “widget” that can be added via an extremely easy point-and-click install procedure. To see what you get, see the search box at the left or, if you are looking at this text via a feed reader, click here. (Clicking on the “Show Advanced Search Options” link below the full-page search box allows you to target the search to a specific component within the web site.)

In general, I am quite  pleased with this feature. I have tried Technorati, Google, and Blogbar as site search features, but Squarespace is the best in terms of configuration and performance.

My only complaint: it’s been two years since I first requested this feature and after a while I figured that Squarespace simply didn’t have the wherewithal to make this work.  As a result, I was sometimes reluctant to recommend Squarespace to others. I’m glad to say, though, that I was wrong about my concerns!

Copyright 2007 by Dennis D. McDonald. Dennis is a project management consultant based in Alexandria, Virginia. He is currently working with Michael Kaplan PMP on developing SoftPMO project management services and with BaleFire Global and Socrata on implementing open data portals.  In addition to consulting company ownership and management his experience includes database publishing and data transformation, managing the integration of large systems, corporate technology strategy, social media adoption, statistical research, and IT cost analysis. His web site is located at and his email address is On Twitter he is @ddmcd

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