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Slide Presentation: "Expertise Management Systems"

By Dennis D. McDonald

Prompted by conversations with government contractors in the Washington DC area I’ve created a brief (and very high-level) slide presentation that lays out some of the basics of what I’ve been calling “expertise management systems.”

  • You can jump to the SlideShare service to view the slideshow presentation — including a “full page” version —  here.
  • Or, you can view an “embedded” version below of the slide presentation based on code provided by SlideShare that I have added to this page:

For more information:

  • To see a definition of the term “Expertise Management Systems” click here.
  • To see a list of other postings in this blog related to Expertise Management, click here.
  • To discuss whether an an Expertise Management System might be useful for your own organization, please contact me via email at and let me know when we can chat.

Copyright © 2006 by Dennis D. McDonald.

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