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Seven Technologies I Really Like

ByDennis D. McDonald

OK, it’s list time. Here are some technologies I  really like, and why:

  1. iPod
  2. Music eCommerce sites
  3. Wireless computer networks
  4. Cellphones
  5. Online Library Catalogs
  6. Podcasts
  7. Google Docs


Imagine carrying a couple hundred music albums around, indexed every which way, with an easy to use interface that allows quick navigation of a huge volume of music. Plus I can copy my contact list with phone numbers on to it.

I look at my old albums and CD’s and just shake my head.

Music eCommerce sites

I’m reading “Music, History, and Ideas” by Hugo Leichtentritt. I come across a reference to a composer I have no familiarity with. I log onto eMusic, locate the work, download it into iTunes on my PC, then I copy it into my iPod.

No gasoline expended.

Wireless computer networks

I can sit outside on my deck in warm weather and update my blog while I smell the fresh air.

Side benefit: no tripping over cables.


When my plane touches down at DCA I call home. When I emerge from the terminal with my luggage my ride is there to pick me up.

Online Library Catalogs

I hear about an interesting book and go online to the Alexandria Public Library’s catalog. I request the book from the collection. A few days later I get an email saying it’s ready to borrow at the main facility.

To think I once made a living hand lettering labels for a public library’s card catalog!


I set up my subscription in iTunes for the BBC History Magazine Podcast. When the next issue is available it’s automatically downloaded to my connected iPod.

Google Docs

I complete a draft of a client document on Google Docs. I send the client an email with a link to the document. He can start reading it online even as I continue to make edits and changes.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Dennis D. McDonald

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