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Recommended: Command Line's Lessig Interview

By Dennis D. McDonald

Back in June of this year when I first learned that Lawrence Lessig had shifted gears I expressed some skepticism about the ultimate success of his decision to focus more on the underlying corrupting influences that are endemic to our legal and political processes.

Command Line’s recent interview with Lessig addresses this decision and the underlying reasons why  Lessig has changed his focus. It’s a very intelligent interview that explores Lessig’s current views of Creative Commons licenses, the political and philosophical underpinnings of his decision to focus on how political corruption is eating away at our democracy, and how he creates such kick-ass presentations. This is a podcast well worth listening to.

After I listened to the podcast, I came back and added the tag “corruption” to my post from last week, Bill Would Force Colleges to be Copyright Cops or Lose Federal Aid . (There are now three posts on this blog that use that tag.)

  • Note: Lessig’s “Alpha Lecture” on Corruption, referred to in this interview, is here.


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