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Progress Implementing the DATA Act (draft)

By Dennis D. McDonald

I heard David Lebryk of the U.S. Department of Treasury speak on Data Act implementation this morning at the Johns Hopkins/REI Systems Government Analytics Breakfast Forum in Washington DC.

I’ll be writing up my thoughts about the presentation in the next few days. If you would like me to email you when the post is ready please let me know via Twitter (@ddmcd), email (, or via this blog post’s comment field. Meanwhile here is a link to a quick Google+ post containing a few of the points I starred while taking notes during Lebryk’s presentation:


  1. Dan Chenok’s  The DATA Act Moves Forward
  2. Data Transparency Coalition’s DATA Act Summit Recap: Federal Government on Track for Spending Transformation
  3. Federal Spending Transparency: DATA Act and FFATA Collaboration Space
  4. 18F/Data Act Pilot
  5. Public Input on the Establishment of Financial Data Standards (Data Exchange)


  1. Describe role of PMO in overall management. How is it staffed, wht processes does it oversee?
  2. If there is “no budget” provided by DATA Act for implementation, how are costs being tracked?
  3. Are contractors involved in DATA Act implementation? If so, are any changes needed in how contractor provided services are being procured?
  4. How are OMB and Treasury interacting? For example, what is relationship if any between DATA Act implementation and cross-aganecy and within-agency performance tracking?
  5. Describe use of GitHub in DATA Act implementation.
  6. How are “lessons learned” being disseminated and to whom?

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