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On the Emerging Need for Both a Smartphone and a Tablet Computer

By Dennis D. McDonald

A couple of weeks ago I ran into Ian McCully on Google+ on a video “hangout.” Ian recently shared a post on Google+ (by Joe Lancaster) speculating that the upcoming Nexus Prime announcement will actually be a dual announcement by Samsung of both a new smartphone and a new tablet. Here was my Google+ comment:

“Jane, should I bring the tablet or the phone?”

“We’re just going out to the movies, honey, how about I just bring the phone?”

“Well, you know how we have to sit down for at least 15 minutes to wait for all the commercials and previews, and you like to do your sudoku without reading glasses, so why don’t I just bring the tablet?”

“But you know, honey, that when I do that you like to work on your email, so maybe you should bring the phone as well.”

“You’re right, we need both. But I don’t want to take my backpack. So can you carry both the phone and the tablet?” 

“Honey, I don’t want to take my purse, but will you take the tablet and the phone? And my driver’s license and lipstick?”

“Let me get my backpack.”

 Copyright (c) 2011 by Dennis D. McDonald

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