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It was the Frosted Mini-Wheats ads on Facebook that convinced me to prune my Facebook "friends" list

By Dennis D. McDonald

Honest, if you want to poison your kids and rot their teeth with this stuff, that’s your prerogative. It’s a free country. But I’d just as soon not subject myself to advertising for products like this. So I think I’m going to start re-thinking my use of Facebook by pruning my “friends” list to concentrate more on people I’ve met or like to hear from along with actual friends and family.

Actually, I continue to be interested in the thinking of some of the people I’m “pruning.” I just don’t think the Facebook environment is that enjoyable or condusive to certain typesof professional and technical discussions. Twitter and reading real web and blog posts are turning out to be much more productive.

While I frequently use Facebook to advertise my own nature photography as well as new posts on my own blog, I’m beginning to feel that advertisers love Facebook because using it to target potential customers is seen like shooting fish in a barrel — and I’m the fish.

Honestly, I am not opposed to advertising. I encounter intelligent and funny ads and commercials all the time. Members of my family make a living selling advertising. I respond to ads I like all the time.

I guess I just draw the line at that idiotic candied piece of cereal.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Dennis D. McDonald

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