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Feedjacking Rears Its Ugly Head

Fellow blogger Martin McKeay (this links to his blog) recently commented on "feedjacking" of podcasts and RSS feeds. He recently started podcasting and has been researching where links originate. He and others (just do a Google search for "feedjacking" to find out who) are noting that it is possible to "feedjack" links to podcasts and RSS streams.

As Martin points out, such redirecting of links can be good -- or it can be evidence that somebody  is attempting to claim some "ownership" or credit for the source.

Ah, so we see that "intellectual proprty ownership"  issues can arise all over. Well, maybe not "ownership" per se. The thing about linking is that, once you put something on the web, you hope -- and expect -- for people to link to it. The fact that someone else can generate revenue based on traffic related to your linked item is a separate issue. So is the fact that someone can claim authorship rights.

In jest I suggested to Martin that maybe this is a problem that  First 4 Internet can help solve. Ha ha. (That was my second attempt at DRM related humor. Here was my first.)



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