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Bare Naked App and the Open Kimono

By Dennis D. McDonald

I'm fascinated by peeks into the inside of what actually happens in the real world of Getting Things Done. The web site Bare Naked App could therefore be a voyeur's delight.

What we have here is an inside look at web product development -- without a description of the application itself. Here's what they say about the blog:

So how bare will we get? The answer is, down to the pants (or underpants if you’re not English). We will be revealing all of our costings, the reasons behind our decisions, why we chose to work with the people we did and of course the embarrassing mistakes we made along the way. The only thing we won’t tell you is what the app does - at least not until we launch.

Now, it remains to be seen how open this kimono will actually get, but I really do like this list of categories that they use for classifying their blog entries:

  • Project Management (1)
  • The Budget (1)
  • The Design (10)
  • The Development (6)
  • The Logo (8)
  • The Name (4)
  • The Servers (2
  • The Team (3)
  • The Text (2)
  • The Timeframe (6)
  • The Wireframe (3)
  • Tools (1)
  • Video Diaries (4)

If you've ever built or used an intranet web portal to help manage a project, as I have, you'll find much of this familiar and, to some extent, mundane; alas, there is much more to project manager than "building neat stuff."  But I've been wondering about the intersection between Web 2.0 technologies and the real world of project management, so this is one way to find out. It  could just be a lame attempt at word of mouth marketing, but I doubt that.

I'll report back after I've had a chance to follow it for a while.



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