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Analog to Digital Converter Box Coupons Are No Longer Available

By Dennis D. McDonald

I’m investigating ways to give up cable television due to the expense and lack of selectivity. This morning I applied for two coupons for analog to digital converter boxes, figuring I should be ready for the February 17, 2009 transition.

This is the response I got from the US government’s official TV converter box program web site:

We have determined that you are eligible to participate in this program and your coupon application has been approved. However, because program funding is not currently available, you will not receive coupons unless more funding becomes available. If program funding becomes available you should receive your coupons in the mail.

While I personally wouldn’t care if cable TV went away — I never use the vast majority of the channels available through my digital Comcast subscription — members of my family do need access to selected channels and aren’t interested in jumping through hoops to replace cable with Internet based sources. 

I’m sure our family will make it through the conversion but I am concerned that a large number of people who depend on over the air TV for information will be left behind and, in some emergency and disaster situations, will be in real jeopardy.

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