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Amazon DOES publish "copy protection" information, after all

By Dennis D. McDonald

The information I received from was faulty. Amazon DOES publish details about the "copy protection" status of individual music CD's after all.

To find this out I sent an email to the help group at Sony BMG that is mentioned on the web page where they explain (in detail) how to defeat the copy protection on their CD's.

I've received a very polite response from John at the Sony BMG Online Support Team. I had sent an email asking about whether they were making copy protection status information available to their vendors. He said yes with respect to Amazon but agreed to follow up with BMG Music Service, which he verified does not make copy protection information available on their web site.

To see an interesting sequence of comments on, check out the new FOO FIGHTERS album on Amazon and what people think of it and its copy protection scheme. It is clearly labeled with the words COPY PROTECTED. Some people don't care, some people think that iPod owners are whiney jerks, some boast of the ease with which they break they copy protection, some are stymied, and some are vociferously opposed to the whole concept of copy protection.

It is also interesting to read some comments that the existence of the copy protection scheme on the Foo Fighters album has actually increased the likelihood of piracy (or at least, the likelihood of unathorized copying).

Update 8/3/05

I received another informative email from John at Sony BMG Online; it's worth providing in full:


Thank you for contacting Sony BMG Online.

One point that most people are missing is that there is more than one content protection process currently in use by the various record companies.

This email address and support website only addresses one of the two most common - as developed by First 4 Internet Ltd.:

As such, any information I may be able to provide will only hold true for the Sony BMG titles that use this F4I technology.

The main reason why I bring this up is that the FOO FIGHTERS release you mentioned uses the "other" common content protection from Sunncomm MediaMax International. Should you purchase one of their CDs you will need to contact them for assistance at:

BTW: Sunncomm has an email website with a drop down box for "The CD in Question" which lists all their titles. You can see this list at:

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.
As far as I can tell, the First 4 Internet LtD web site does not list the CD's its technology protects.

Suncomm Copy Protected CD's


I went to the Suncomm web site and was able to extract this list of Suncomm-protected CD's (this list was updated on Nov. 25, 2005):


  • 40 Below Summer - The Mourning After
    ADEMA - Unstable
    Afterdark - New York City
    Afterdark - San Francisco
    Alicia Keys - Unplugged - Premium  Canadian Release
    Alicia Keys - Unplugged - Premium
    Alicia Keys - Unplugged - Standard  Canadian Release
    Alicia Keys - Unplugged - Standard
    Amici forever - Defined - Canadian Release
    Amici forever - Defined
    Ana Victoria - 3 Song Sampler
    Ana Victoria - 5 Song Sampler
    Ana Victoria - Love Is All
    Angie Stone - Stone Love
    Anthony Hamilton - Ain't Nobody Worryin'
    Anthony Hamilton - Comin' From Where I'm From
    Aretha Franklin - So Damn Happy
    Automatic Black - 3 Song Sampler
    Automatic Black - Automatic Black - Album Sampler
    Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin
    Babyface - 4 Song Sampler
    Babyface - A Love Story
    Babyface - Babyface 5 Song Sampler
    Babyface - Grown & Sexy - Canadian Release
    Babyface - Grown & Sexy
    Backstreet Boys - Never Gone - Canadian Release
    Backstreet Boys - Never Gone
    Bargrooves - Terrazza
    Bebel  Gilberto - Bebel Gilberto
    Ben Kweller - On My Way
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl
    Blitzkrieg Pop - T. Raumschmiere
    Blu Cantrell - Bittersweet
    Boyd Tinsley - Boyd Tinsley
    Boyz II Men - Throwback
    Brand New - Deja Entendu
    Brian Wilson - What I Really Want For Christmas
    Britney Spears - In The Zone
    Britney Spears - Remixed - Canadian Release
    Britney Spears - Remixed
    Cassidy - I'm a Hustla (edited)
    Cassidy - I'm A Hustla (Explicit) - Canadian Release
    Cassidy - I'm a Hustla (explicit)
    Cassidy - Split Personality (explicit)
    Cee Lo Green - Cee Lo Green...Is The Soul Machine
    Charlie Wilson - 5 Song Sampler
    Charlie Wilson - Charlie Last Name Wilson
    Charlotte Martin - On Your Shore
    Chris Brown - Chris Brown
    Christopher Lawrence - All Or Nothing
    Citizen Cope - Under The Sun
    Clay Aiken - Merry Christmas With Love
    Cook Dixon Young - Volume One
    Cuban Link - Chain Reaction - Demo
    Cuban Link - Chain Reaction (Explicit)
    da Brat - Limelite Luv  n Niteclubz (Explicit)
    da Brat - Limelite Luv & Niteclubz (Edited)
    Dave Matthews Band - Stand Up - Canadian Release
    Dave Matthews Band - Stand Up
    David Gray - Life In Slow Motion - Canadian Release
    David Gray - Life In Slow Motion
    Death Threat - Now Here Fast!
    Dido - Dido Live
    Dido - Life For Rent
    Dido - White Flag
    Donell Jones - Album Sampler
    Donell Jones - Journey Of A Gemini Sampler
    Donovan Banzana - Life's Code Of Ethics
    Elvis Presley - Close Up Sampler
    Elvis Presley - Live In Texas 1972
    Elvis Presley - The Magic Of Nashville
    Elvis Presley - Unreleased Movie Gems
    Elvis Presley - Unreleased Stereo Masters From The `50s
    Eve6 - It's All In Your Head
    Faithless - Forever Faithless
    FlamBey - The Flamerous Life
    Foo Fighters - 7 Song Sampler
    Foo Fighters - In Your Honor (Acoustic)
    Foo Fighters - In Your Honor (Electric)
    Frequent Flyer - Bombay
    Frequent Flyer - Rio De Janeiro
    From Zero - My So-called Life
    Gavin DeGraw - Chariot Album Sampler
    GOB - Foot In Mouth Disease
    Goldfrapp - Supernature
    Hadley - Hadley
    Heather Headley - this is who I am
    Hot Import Nights - Driving Beats
    Ike and Tina Turner - The Early Sessions
    Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself
    In Essence - The Master Plan
    Jacksoul - PROMO - HMV value add
    jacksoul - Resurrected
    James Taylor - Hourglass
    Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable - THE SAMPLER
    Jeff Bates - Good People
    Jim Brickman - Grace - Canadian Release
    Jim Brickman - Grace
    J-Kwon - Hood Hop (Edited)
    J-Kwon - Hood Hop (Explicit)
    Jody Sticker - 5 Minutes
    Judd And Maggie - Subjects
    J-Zone - A Job Aint Nuthin but Work
    Kalan Porter - 219 Days
    Kasabian - Kasabian - Canadian Release
    Kasabian - Kasabian
    Keith Anderson - Three Chord Country And American Rock & Roll
    Kelis - Tasty (Edited)
    Kelis - Tasty (Explicit)
    Ken Oak - Half Step Down
    Kenny G - 4 Song Sampler
    Keshia Chanté - Sampler
    Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak - Canadian Release
    Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
    Kings Of Leon - Youth And Young Manhood
    Leilani Jaster - Leilani Jaster
    Len Doolin - Once In A Lifetime
    Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon - Sixty Six Steps
    Living Things - Ahead Of The Lions
    Longwave - There's A Fire
    Los Razos - La Raza Anda Acelrada (Explicit)
    Manmohan Waris - Nachiye Majajne
    Mario - Here I Go Again
    Maroon 5 - Live:  Friday the 13th
    Maroon 5 - Maroon 5 Live - Friday The 13th - Canadian Release
    Mashonda - January Joy
    Melissa O'Neil - Melissa O'Neil - Canadian Release
    Moderato - Detector De Metales
    Moenia - Stereo Hits
    My Morning Jacket - it still moves
    My Morning Jacket - Z
    Nathaniel Kimble - Better Get Ready
    Nikka Costa - Can'tneverdidnothin' - Australian Release
    Nodesha - Get It While It`s Hot
    North Star - Pollyanna
    Other - Please Detail in Question
    Other - Please detail in your question
    Our Lady Peace - Healthy In Paranoid Times - Candadian Release
    Out Of Your Mouth - Draghdad
    Outkast - Speakerboxxx
    Ozomatli - Street Signs
    Paul van Dyk - Politics of Dancing 2
    Pedro Vargas - Pedro Vargas Canta a José Alfredo Jiménez
    Peggy Scott-Adams - God Can And He Will
    Peter Cetera - You Just Gotta Love Christmas
    Philosopher Kings - Castles
    Pink - Try This
    Play-N-Skillz - The Album Before The Album
    Projet Orange - 4-Track Sampler
    Projet Orange - Megaphobe
    Quenga - Quenga - U.S. and New Zealand Release
    Rachael Yamagata - Happenstance
    Raheem DeVaughn - The Love Experience
    Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company
    Ray LaMontagne - Trouble
    Richard Hawley - Cole's Corner
    Röyksopp - The Understanding - Australian & New Zealand Release
    Sak Pasé Presents Wyclef Jean - Welcome To Haiti Creole 101
    SalonMusique - Ultimate Relaxer
    SalonMusique - Uptown Conditioner
    Santana - All That I Am - Canadian Release
    Santana - All That I Am
    Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow Live
    Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow
    Sarah McLachlan - Bloom (Album Remix)
    Sarah Mclachlan - Fallen
    Say Anything - Say a Real Boy - Canadian Release
    Say Anything - Say a Real Boy
    Say Anything - Say Anything...was a Real Boy - Canadian Release
    Say Anything - Say Anything...was a Real Boy
    Shane Capone - Heated Speech
    Shawn Desman - Back For More - Canadian Release
    Shawn Desman - Sampler - Canadian Release
    Shawn Kane - Full Version Sampler
    Shawnie - The Return
    Silvertide - Show And Tell (Edited)
    Silvertide - Show And Tell (Explicit)
    Skrape - Up The Dose
    Sloan - A Sides Win: Singles 1992 - 2005 - Canadian Release
    Sloan - Action Pact
    Smitty - Life Of A Troubled Child (Album Advance)
    Soil - Redefine
    Soundtrack - Masters of Horror Soundtrack Sampler
    Soundtrack - The Cave
    Soundtrack - XXX:  State of the Union (edited)
    Soundtrack - XXX:  State of the Union (explicit)
    Sountrack - XXX: State Of The Union (Explicit) - Canadian Release
    South - With The Tides
    Spymob - Sitting Around Keeping Score
    StellaStarr* - 4 Song Sampler
    StellaStarr* - Album Advance
    Stellastarr* - Harmonies For The Haunted - Canadian Release
    Stellastarr* - Harmonies For The Haunted
    Steve Myland - Not Every Rhyme Has A Reason
    Strawberry Shortcake - Premium Giveaway
    Suburban Tragedy - Tonight We'll Watch The Sun Come Up
    Syleena Johnson - Chapter 3:  The Flesh
    Syleena Johnson - Chapter 3: The Flesh - Canadian Release
    T. Raumschmiere - Blitzkrieg Pop
    Tazz Calhoun - It's All Good
    Tears For Fears - 3-Song Sampler
    Tears For Fears - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending
    Tha Rayne - Didn`t You Know
    The Appearance - Are We Not Entertained?
    The Calling - Two Copy
    The CD in Question</span>
    The Chieftains - Live From Dublin;  A Tribute To Derek Bell - Canadian Release
    The Chietains - Live From Dublin; A Tribute To Derek Bell
    The Crystal Method - Legion of Boom
    The Neptunes - The Neptunes Present...Clones
    The Residents - Animal Lover
    The Sound Of Urchin - The Diamond
    The Strokes - Album Advance
    The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth
    The Trews - Den of Thieves - Canadian Release
    The Warlocks - Surgery
    Theo - Chemistry...You And Me
    Tita &amp; Sãozinha - Papá
    T-Pain - Rappa Ternt Sanga - Edited
    T-Pain - Rappa Ternt Sanga - Explicit
    UGK - Jive Records Presents:  UGK - Chopped &amp; Screwed
    Usher - Confessions
    Various - 2005 NARM Sampler
    Various - Arista Fall 2003 Sampler Promo CD
    Various - Canadian Idols: High Notes - Canadian Release
    Various - Down South Party Mix!
    Various - Elizabethtown - Songs From the Brown Hotel
    Various - Masters of Horror Radio Sampler
    Various - Masters Of Horror
    Various - Reflections
    Various - Relaxation:  A Windham Hill Colletion
    Various - So Amazing  An All Star Tribute To Luther Vandross
    Various - So Amazing An All-Star Tribute To Luther Vandross - Canadian Release
    Various - Urban International Sampler
    Various Artists - Majestic II
    Various Artists - Music Snapshot of LG Action Sports Championship
    Velvet Revolver - Bonus Material
    Velvet Revolver - Contraband (Edited)
    Velvet Revolver - Contraband (Explicit)
    Vertical Horizon - Go
    Vue - Down For Whatever
    Wakefield - American Made
    Wakefield - What Side Are You On? (explicit)
    Wakefield - Which Side Are You On? (edited)
    Whitney Houston - One Wish
    Whitney Houston - Try It On My Own
    Wyclef Jean - The Preacher`s Son
    Yaga Y Makie - Clase Aparte
    Yogacharya Swami Kripalvanandji - Premdhara 3 &amp; 4 - U.S. &amp; India Release
    Yogacharya Swami Kripalvanandji - Premdhara 5 &amp; 6 - U.S. &amp; India Release
    Yogacharya Swami Kripalvanandji - Premdhara 7 &amp; 8 - U.S. &amp; India Release
    YoungBloodZ - Drankin` Patnaz
    YoungBloodZ - Ev'rybody Know Me (Edited)
    YoungBloodZ - Ev'rybody Know Me (Explicit)
    Yung Wun - The Dirtiest Thirstiest (Edited)
    Yung Wun - The Dirtiest Thirstiest (Explicit)


    To be honest, I don't recognize most of these other than Avril Lavigne, Aretha Franklin, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Dave Matthews, Leo Kottke, Ray Charles, Whitney Huston, David Gray. And, oh yes, Elvis Presley.

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