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Wireless Everywhere, Plus the Kitchen Sink

By Dennis D. McDonald

I am always amazed at how technology permeates our lives, usually for the better, I think.

I was reminded of this thought yesterday when I made a light-bulbs-and-trash-bags run to our local Home Depot. Coming inside from checking out the latest tree and bush arrivals (you never know when a stray Autumn Fern or Moonshadow might show up) I passed a display of ... wireless routers and PC network cards?

Yep, there they were, right there in the "Home Network" display along with cables, connectors, wall plugs,  miniature TV cameras, and universal remote control devices. For a moment I thought I'd stumbled into my local Radio Shack but no, there I was just across the aisle from Home Lighting Fixtures.

Interestingly, this is the same Home Depot where it is impossible to find a cheap mechanical stud finder.  


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