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Simplifyd Speling Wud Kil Serch Enjin Optimizashun

By Dennis D. McDonald

Would Google's indexing algorithms be able to handle simplified spelling? (Or, WWGD - What Would Google Do?)

That's the thought that came into my mind when I read the July 5 Associated Press article about the push by some for simplified spelling.

Spelling was one of my best subjects in grade school. To this day members of my family ask me how to spell words. I can even remember getting instant messages from Number One Daughter while in client meetings asking me how to spell various words. It's a skill I enjoy.

So count me as one against simplified spelling. As long as English is going to be so popular, I say, keep it difficult to learn! After all, look what Vatican II did to the Mass, switching from Latin to the vernacular. Some people have never recovered. Simplified English spelling would be even worse!


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