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Review by Dennis D. McDonald

Back in 1976 I was taking a driving tour of California, my first. One night I drove due east from the coast, intent on seeing what I could see. I drove for hours, and the sun set about the time I reached, for the first time in my life, the desert. I got out of the car, stood for a moment, then said to my companion, “This is a Richard Carlson moment.”

That’s my memory of this movie - not the monster, not the 3D tricks, not the crashing space ship, nor the singing telephone wires. It’s Richard Carlson, scientist, out in the desert, seeing what others don’t see, knowing what others are only slow to realize.

This DVD is superb. The image of the movie is crisp, the sound is clear, and the extras are absolutely terrific.

The commentary by film historian Tom Weaver is not only enthusiastic, it is substantial and shows evidence of thought and research. Especially interesting is the discussion of Ray Bradbury’s role in writing the script. 

Another interesting tidbit: Henry Mancini wrote some of the music for this film.

If only someone would produce a DVD for FORBIDDEN PLANET like this one!

Review copyright (c) 2003 by Dennis D. McDonald


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Steven Spielberg's CATCH ME IF YOU CAN