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Christopher McQuarrie's JACK REACHER

Christopher McQuarrie's JACK REACHER

Movie review by Dennis D. McDonald

Jack Reacher is another solid action film from Tom Cruise.

It is well-written, tightly paced, and it has excellent photography and editing. Night-time photography is extremely well done with bright colors and clarity throughout.

Starting with Cruise, there is excellent acting in this movie, both from the Good Guys and from the Bad Guys. Especially notable is an appearance by veteran actor Robert Duvall in a key role. Even Werner Herzog puts in an appearance!

I’ve never read any of the novels the main character is based on so I can’t comment on how “accurate” Cruise is in the main role; let’s just say that he does not disappoint and continues to solidify his reputation as a high quality professional dedicated to well produced and acted action films. I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to this one, either.

There’s no gratuitous sex but much violence including two extremely well produced action sequences, one a slam bang car chase that ends cleverly followed by a Final Shoot Out that is quite satisfying.


Review copyright (c) 2014 by Dennis D. McDonald

David Twohy's RIDDICK

David Twohy's RIDDICK

Jean-Francois Laguionie's THE PAINTING