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Barry Sonnenfeld's MEN IN BLACK III

Movie review by Dennis D. McDonald

To my surprise, I really enjoyed Men in Black III. What did I like about it?
  1. The story is clever and cute (I’m a sucker for time travel stories).
  2. The characters are engaging (this one is much more focused on character issues than previous films).
  3. The dialogue is smart and clever (sometimes I just found myself laughing out loud).
  4. The production design is really impressive (for example, it’s neat how New York City in 1969 is so bright and clean … that’s not how I remember it!)
  5. Josh Brolin is amazing as Young Agent K.
This is an enjoyable movie and a pleasant way to spend some time. Plus it’s emotionally satisfying at the end, which I was not expecting at all. Check it out. The Blu-ray edition is gorgeous.
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