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Ten Rules for Blogging

My friend Ken Yarmosh is doing some soul searching about blogging. Since I go through this same thing periodically myself, I understand his feelings. Here are the ten rules I left as a comment on his original post:


  • Rule #1: Don’t write about blogging (i.e., no navel gazing)
  • Rule #2: Write about the things you care about.
  • Rule #3: Don’t write anything unless you have something to say.
  • Rule #4: Write stuff you would be willing to print out and hand to someone you know or respect and say, “Hey you really should read this!”
  • Rule #5: Write often enough so that people won’t ask, “Hey did this guy die?”
  • Rule #6: Be sure to use a spell checker.
  • Rule #7: Pay attention to what your stuff looks like through various feed readers.
  • Rule #8: Make it easy for visitors to navigate your web pages.
  • Rule #9: Make sure your links work.
  • Rule #10: Do as I say not as I do!


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