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How to Participate in the National Academy of Engineering's "Changing the Conversation" Project

How to Participate in the National Academy of Engineering's "Changing the Conversation" Project

Last year I was honored to serve as a “digital strategy” consultant on the National Academy of Engineering’s Changing the Conversation project. This is an ongoing effort funded by the National Science Foundation to promote a new perspective on engineering as a career choice. 

Among other things, the “CTC” project is publicizing examples of media and messages of all kinds that creatively promote engineering as a career. One of the efforts currently underway is development of a web based tool that can be used to generate a downloadable and customizable “Changing the Conversation” poster.

The CTC Team is currently seeking input on the core design of the poster and has emailed registered members of the project to seek input on the poster’s preliminary design.

I’d like to encourage people to register with the project to express their interest and then to provide feedback on the poster’s preliminary design.

My reasons for supporting the project are simple. While I’m not an engineer myself, I recognize the contributions that engineers make to our quality of life. I can think of few careers that are more interesting, challenging, and rewarding, especially at a time when we desperately need creative and innovative solutions to a huge range of of problems and issues.

If you agree, do this:

  1. To register your interest in the CTC project, go here:
  2. Then, to provide input to the poster’s design, go here:
  3. Using the button shown at the top or bottom of this article, be sure to “tweet” this post to let others know about the CTC project.

Thank you!

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