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Developing Digital Strategies for Web-based Public Access to Government Performance Data

By Dennis D. McDonald, Ph.D.

Click or tap the above image to download a .pdf version of the draft full length report discussed in this article.

  • Updated February 26, 2013

On January 29, 2013 I attended a meeting of the Government Performance Coalition at George Washington University in Washington DC. Shelley Metzenbaum, OMB Associate Director for Performance and Personnel, discussed the “performance improvement” pages of the website that are located at is an example of how the current Administration is attempting to provide, via the Web, context around the data it publishes in order to communicate not only what the Federal government is doing but also how well it is doing it.

As a follow-up to that meeting I have drafted a document titled Developing Digital Strategies for Web-based Public Access to Government Performance Data. The full-length document is available here and, in summary form, as this slide deck:

Note that the document and the presentation based on it are not intended as an “assessment” or an “evaluation.” I don’t possess enough information about the operation to attempt that.  Instead, as an “outsider looking in,” my goal is to suggest how and the efforts discussed during the meeting are important examples for all efforts to make government performance data more accessible and useful.

The contents of the document reflects my own personal and professional interest in government program transparency as well as my own strategic planning and project management experience. Please let me know if you would like to discuss these topics!

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