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Plaza de Cuba at Night

by Dennis D. McDonald

We sent our daughter for Spring  vacation this year to visit her brother. He is studying at the University in Sevilla, Spain.

plaza de cuba at night cropped.jpgHe has a cellphone which he is renting while in Spain. We speak with him once or twice a week. Since his sister arrived last week we've talked with them a couple of times, and we promised to call on Sunday.

I was surfing and found traffic cameras in Sevilla accessible through the web. I sent him the link. He called back and told us to tune to the Plaza de Cuba camera, he and his sister were going to walk over and call us back on his cellphone.

If you look at the picture here, you can see them walking toward us, just above the silhouette of the traffic light, walking down the middle of the traffic lanes toward the camera (it was dark and traffic was light). My wife and I, sitting in Alexandria, Virginia, captured the picture to save in our scrapbook.


When Debbie and I visited Sevilla in May  I took a picture of the traffic camera that sent us the above picture. That's it on top of the tall pole in the adjacent picture.

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