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Dulles Airport Passenger Pickup Improvements

One of the major benefits of the Internet and cellphones is being able to circumvent the dreaded uncertainties involved in estimating when to rendezvous by car to pick up an arriving passenger at the airport. These days you can go online and check a plane's estimated arrival time (without having to pick up a phone). If you're the traveler you can call your ride the minute you touch down on the runway from inside the plane.

Now another advance has been made. Dulles Airport (which is at least a 45 minute ride from my house here in Alexandria, Virginia) has established temporary parking areas for drivers awaiting a pick-up. Drivers can wait up to an hour for arriving passengers to call on their cellphones. This saves gas. It means if you're picking up a passenger at Dulles you no longer have to circle around and around the terminal and parking area if the arriving passenger is late.

This makes a great deal of sense. Somebody is thinking!


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