I help organizations improve how they plan, develop, manage, and communicate about data management programs and IT resources. My services include:

1. Marketing & Communications

  • Pre-proposal research and analysis. What do we need to know to write this proposal?
  • Proposal development and costing. What work needs to be done and how will we do it?
  • Communication and messaging. Do we need help with blogging, marketing collateral and website content, presentations, or "white papers"? (See “White Papers & Research Reports”

2. Business Development

  • Market Research & Assessment. How big is the market for our products and services?
  • Requirements Definition. What kinds of products and services do our customers & business prospects need?
  • Proposal Development. How do we develop winning technical, cost, and work plan proposals?
  • Post sale support. How do we manage and grow our business once we have our foot in the door?

3. Management Support

  • Metrics development. How do we measure our progress?
  • Project planning, resource analysis, and scheduling. Who needs to do what, when, and for how much?
  • Project and program management. How do we make sure the job gets done?
  • Project office setup and administration. How do we administer the project?
  • Business/IT alignment. Do our technology related resources really support our business goals?
  • Technology portfolio rationalization. Do we need to update our current mix of applications, services, and data resources?

For a Capabilities Summary go here.