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Robert Baca & Josh Rizzo's WELCOME TO MACINTOSH

By Dennis D. McDonald

This documentary is by no means a comprehensive history of Apple or even of the Macintosh computer. Instead, it’s a series of interviews — some recorded remotely — with people involved over the years with Apple. Many reviews complain about the absence of Woz and Jobs, but what came through for me was the humanity and experimentation behind the company and the fact that it has not had a 100% string of solid successes.

Most significant for me was that one of the interviewees said that “Apple is not a brand.” He doesn’t exactly say what Apple is, even though he does says it’s not a brand like a soft drink or an athletic shoe. I suppose that’s true. Apple makes computers, music players, telephones, and software, and it sells and distributes music. Because of people like Jobs it’s passionate about quality and innovation. The company is successful now but that hasn’t always been the case.

The documentary doesn’t really get into the later more successful Apple but concentrates more on the earlier computers, and that’s OK, especially if you have a fascination with history. We get a few peeks into the company as it was and I found that entertaining. After all, do we really need another high pressure corporate history? I liked the personal touch here, even though so much about Apple and the later Macintoshes is left out.

Viewed via an X-Box Live/Netflix streaming connection.

Review copyright (c) 2009 by Dennis D. McDonald

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