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Japanese Story

Movie review by Dennis D. McDonald

Toni Colette (About a Boy) shines in this fishes-out-of water story.

Independent minded geologist/software developer Colette gets shanghaied into driving a visiting Japanese businessman around the Australian outback. They initally hit it  off very very badly — he’s an egotistical sexist pig for starters and she is, well, prickly — but through a series of misadventures a relationship develops, but then something unexpected happens…

I didn’t buy everything about the incidents and the emotions presented, but these are minor quibbles compared with the fact that what we have here is an adult story told beautifully, photographed gorgeously, and starring the amazing Ms. Colette.

This movie is a pleasure to watch and is a good respite from CGI- or explosion-heavy fare. Highly Recommended.

Review copyright (c) 2005 by Dennis D. McDonald

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