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Cookies, Imrworldwide, and Nielsen Netratings: What's the Connection?

Cookies, Imrworldwide, and Nielsen Netratings: What's the Connection?

By Dennis D. McDonald

This morning while running SPYSWEEPER on my computer I discovered (and then quarantined) a cookie named “” On doing some research I found that typing in the URL “” into my browser switched me immediately to “” But I can find no reference on the Nielsen site to this cookie.

I then find this cookie might be associated with an Australian entity named “” that has been linked (I use the phrase “has been linked” intentionally to indicate I don’t really know if any of this is true) with spyware that may send data on personal web surfing behavior to a server application; use of this system has been linked publicly with organizations such as the BBC.

How concerned should I be about this type of spyware? I run SPYSWEEPER once per week. Should I be doing this more frequently?

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