All in iTunes

I've been using iTunes a lot to check out various audio streams using the "radio" feature in iTunes. I currently have a playlist of radio streams that include Bollywood and movie soundtracks, various "Ambient" and "Electronica" signals, a variety of Jazz, Latin, and Tropical channels, and all the Classical music I can find. It's quite an amazing variety. If I hadn't already given up CD's as an obsolete medum I'd be buying a lot more music.
I've had several weeks of experience now using iTunes to manage some of my music. I've found that "composer" and "artist" information are often switched or even wrong, and that individual movement names for symphnies or concertos may show up in the "performer" field.
Back in the 90's, having switched to CD's from LP's, I invested heavily in "smooth jazz" before I realized how much better "real jazz" is. Nowadays I avoid "smooth jazz" stations on the radio and their limited playlists (sometimes I think they add only one or two new songs every year). Now I stick mostly to jazz, latin jazz, latin pop, movie soundtracks, and classical.