All in iPhone

While the Apple Watch product looks fantastic, one caveat might be that there is so much new and different about its functionality and its interface that it might take time for adoption to reach critical mass. That’s where Apple has an advantage here. They have resources to throw at this and the wherewithal to integrate the Watch with all their other products and services. That’s an awesome possibility that I think may actually may pay off in really big way for them and their customers.
Eventually management notices the disparity. So it will be with Google. This will be accelerated when advertising revenue starts to flatline and pressure emerges within Google to start charging for individual services that are currently subsidized by advertising. Stuff like Glass and driverless cars won’t help the situation. Nor will a walled-garden-in-disguise that pretends to be a social networking tool.
It happened to me again last night. I was working late with my laptop set up in the kitchen. I had the small flatscreen TV tuned to Soma FM via the kitchen Roku which connects to the wireless range extender upstairs. My wife called down from upstairs but I couldn’t hear her with music on. I reached for the remote and pressed the “volume down” button.

A Progress Report on Reading Electronic Books, Especially Kindle

I remember being a bit surprised at how easy it had been to “weed” the collection of harcover and paperback book we had built up over the years. Now I’m reading a book — a “real book” printed on paper — in amongst the books and various documents I’m also reading via my Kindle devices and software. Reading this physical book is a pleasure so I thought I would put some of my thoughts about the experience in writing.

How Will Mobile Devices In the Workplace Make People More Productive?

In 2010 I posted Sometimes a phone is just a phone and a web site is just a web site. It discussed what I thought at the time was important in a smartphone, e.g., phone service, web access, email — the basics — and was based on recent Blackberry experience and anticipation of getting an iPhone.